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NOVAROSSI WORLD S.r.l. is the world-leading producer of micro nitro engines.
Since its founding in 1984, NOVAROSSI has won almost every R/C championships up to today.

And with 10 World champion titles for the 1:8 scale On-road class which is considered the F1 of the R/C racing world.

NOVAROSSI WORLD has also won numerous other World & European and national championships. That makes for more than 20 years of the best micro engines in the world.

The factory floor covers more than 6000 square meters, which produces, assembles, develops and extensively tests every single part that is needed to make a world championship-winning engine.

NOVAROSSI WORLD  not only makes engines, spare parts, glow plugs, exhaust systems, under it’s own house brands, such as NOVA engines, REX engines and TOP engines but also for other big customers.

Although NOVAROSSI WORLD is well known for making superior engines for R/C cars, but great engines are not as good without great drivers.
For this reason NOVAROSSI runs a world wide professional racing team to compete in the highest and toughest racing championships all over the world.

JPL Model PL is proud to be an official representing agent for Novarossi World SRL.

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